Ansel Adams


Most people complain that today's photographers "cheat" by using photoshop.  I would have to disagree.  With photoshop you can adjust contrast, levels, burn and dodge without wasting chemical, paper and time.  People have always played with their work.  Ansel Adams moonrise hernandez new mexico was one of his most corrected image.  It took him untold amount of time to "correct" that image. 

Another image that I saw of Admas was on a valley in the Rockies.  (Sorry I do not remeber the name of the print but I saw it at the MFA in 2006)  He was UNHAPPY that the beautiful valley had a parking lot so he took it out.  If you did that in photoshop today people would get all upset. 

Outdoor Photographer stated some of the same things in this article

I found another page that backs up the Ansel Adams connection