At a portfolio review I was asked why I shoot street photography.  But that is not an easy question to answer because my work does not really fit into what most photographers consider street photography. 

                The "purist" say that you should take a picture and do little or no editing to it.  If a change is made, it is global.  These photographers document the world as it "is".  (But that would depend on what your definition of is is.)  They are more of a documentary photographer by creating a sort of time capsule to share with future generations showing them what the world was like in the past and is hard to put into words.  For example, if they were to photograph a child chasing a bouncing call down the street, they would leave the image as it is.  That alone is a great image and tells story the photographer wants to share. 

                The second camp of street photographers view the world more artistically.  These people wish to change people's perception of the world according to their own perceptions and believes.   Let's take the image example of the child chasing a bouncing ball. They may want to try and convey a message of impending doom if the child continues to chase that ball down the street. They might darken the shadows, remove any distractions that take away from the story.  This would tell convey a message the photographer wants to share.  Maybe the message the photographer is trying to convey is about a dream she recently had or a repressed memory. 

                From my work you will clearly see that I am in the other camp of street photographers.   I see the world more artistically and with dashes of negativity.  I would have to admit that my vision of the life and the world around me that is a little different that most people.  It is a little dark, a little mysterious and a little unusual.  (The key part is unusual)  You will not find puppy dogs or flowers in my photography. 

                Being able to be unique is a great privilege and we should be able allowed to explore this.  This why I photograph the way that I do. Without being allow to be an individual, society will not be able to grow and evolve. 

                Hopefully I made myself clear with my vision and purpose on my photographic style.  It is pretty unique and hard to explain.  Hopefully my pictures speak loader and clearer than my words.