My little angel Carin

My girl is turning 9 and we had a birthday party for her today at Plasjohn_roy_080308_1169-edit.jpgjohn_roy_080308_1169-edit.jpgter Fjohn_roy_080308_1169-edit.jpgjohn_roy_080308_1169-edit.jpgun Tjohn_roy_080308_1169-edit.jpgjohn_roy_080308_1169-edit.jpgime. 

 Ijohn_roy_080308_1169-edit.jpgjohn_roy_080308_1169-edit.jpgjohn_roy_080308_1169-edit.jpgt was a lot of fun and she had 12 friends come and I was there taking pictures.  Carin is use to the camera by now but her friends were not crazy about it. The girl pictured here is Kathy. Her mother and my wife went to college together.  More pictures to follow!